Thoughts on fine-art nude and male vs female models

Fine-art nude and male models seems to have very low attention and interest from photographers, at least here in Sweden.

It may be due to

  • it beeing seen as not commercially viable
  • an idea that a majority of the audience of the genre is male and that they thus prefer female models
  • also (related to the point above) it’s also mentioned as being in the homo-erotic domain
  • that artists are more often men and they appreciate the shapes of the female body more
  • cultural and historic aspects of art and general ideas on aesthetics, attractiveness of different types of bodies, curves, features etc are being influential and thus preserved and the models in this genre were predominantly female

What are your views and experiences and how is it like in your part of the world?

Pretty much the same can be said not only for fine-art nude in photography but also for bodypainting, life drawing etc.

Självtagen bild efter att ha provat färger från Kryolan.