Etikett: bodypainting

World bodypainting festival update

As a warm up for the World Bodypainting Festival starting in three weeks I participated as one of three models in the Fantasy Bodyart Workshop lead by Victoria Gugenheim. I hope to be able to share some pictures of me from that event as soon as I get them. At the WBF I will be participating as model in the competition on Saturday and already have… Read more →

Dangerous or lethal body parts

Given all the problems of beautiful works of art, be it photos, drawings or bodypainting on the model, being reported and censored on  Facebook and artists being banned for sharing those I must ask myself, and you, the following: Is it true that nipples, especially those on a woman, are more dangerous to the society in the US than a… Read more →

Idea: Gigantic inkjet bodypainting printer

I just came up with the idea of taking the art of bodypainting to the futuristic level by first 3D-scanning the model, let the make-up artist do the design and paint work in his/her computer, 3D-print any molded details in latex and then apply the paint by a really big robotic inkjet printer. Cool, nerdy and/or achievable? What do you… Read more →