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Portfolio links

If you are curious have a look at my portfolios in nude fine arts – photography, bodypainting, life drawing, performance and other forms of art. When you feel inspired and have creative ideas to present, or if you have questions or inquiries, use my contact form or write to me on any of these sites. Read more →

Money talks… Only Fans

Oops. Another platform enforcing censorship. Money talks in business, obviously. I’m sad for those models who seriously extended their work in nude and erotic genres beyond Facebook/Instagram rules to Only Fans, only to find that it will go down the same path as e.g Tumblr did. What are your thoughts? https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/aug/19/onlyfans-to-ban-adult-material-after-pressure-from-payment-processors Read more →

Interview about my modelling by Daisy Von

Background A couple of years ago the American fellow fine art nude model Daisy Von reached out to me with interest in covering male nude art in an interview on her blog. I hope that you find it an interesting read and feel free to reach out with comments, thoughts, own experiences etc. Republished from http://daisyvonmodel.com/2019/01/14/male-model-lars-interview/ The interview Across the… Read more →


Yesterday a photographer whom I’ve worked a lot with got censored by Facebook. Somehow they found a nude photo of me that she had posted and her account was suspended pending her removal of any nude material. In the 30’s some burnt books, acted against the degenerate art and scared dissenters to silence. Today we have companies that behave just as… Read more →

Facebook banned me for three days

The link shared was indeed showing a naturally undressed person but no nipples, no genitals, no other parts was visible and it was just a beautiful work of photographic art, in no way sexualised, and fully comparable to what on may see in any advertising for perfume or conditioner. The cultural aspects must be taken into consideration. The world is… Read more →

Massor har hänt

Det finns så mycket att dela med mig som inte kommit ut hit ännu. Håll ögonen öppna så kommer fotografier från exempelvis: VM i kroppsmålning i Österrike, World Bodypaintig Festival, 2014 och 2015 resultat av samarbeten med fotografer, t.ex. Elina Hauge och Franseska Mortensen Bodypainting Day i Amsterdam augusti 2015 performanceverket Oklädd – Preforming art av Sera Cederberg kroppsmålning i Köpenhamn med tillhörande fotosession… Read more →