Facebook banned me for three days

The link shared was indeed showing a naturally undressed person but no nipples, no genitals, no other parts was visible and it was just a beautiful work of photographic art, in no way sexualised, and fully comparable to what on may see in any advertising for perfume or conditioner.

The cultural aspects must be taken into consideration.

The world is not heterogenous and thus the standards of corporate USA cannot, and shall not, be applied globally.

  • In some countries one gesture, colour of cloting, part of the body etc. is offensive to some, not all, while totally harmless in another.
  • In some cultures only the king is allowed to wear yellow but doyou want to enforce a policy against yellow clothes?
  • In some religious contexts a woman is prohibited from showing anything  but her eqes to strangers but that’s not part of your standards.

The human body has a natural state without clothes. Nudity is not offensive, art is not porn, ignorance is not power.

Please listen, please respect we who feed you with data for your advertisers to give you monay for, please change your minds on the natural nude body – it is not rude, it is not offensive, it is not sexual.


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