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Yesterday a photographer whom I’ve worked a lot with got censored by Facebook. Somehow they found a nude photo of me that she had posted and her account was suspended pending her removal of any nude material. In the 30’s some burnt books, acted against the degenerate art and scared dissenters to silence. Today we have companies that behave just as… Read more →

Facebook banned me for three days

The link shared was indeed showing a naturally undressed person but no nipples, no genitals, no other parts was visible and it was just a beautiful work of photographic art, in no way sexualised, and fully comparable to what on may see in any advertising for perfume or conditioner. The cultural aspects must be taken into consideration. The world is… Read more →

Dangerous or lethal body parts

Given all the problems of beautiful works of art, be it photos, drawings or bodypainting on the model, being reported and censored on  Facebook and artists being banned for sharing those I must ask myself, and you, the following: Is it true that nipples, especially those on a woman, are more dangerous to the society in the US than a… Read more →

Kroki under Malmöfestivalen, nästan

I helgen drog Malmöfestivalen igång och detta till strålande högsommarväder med sol och tropiska nätter. Givetvis passade jag på att nyttja vädret genom att vara ute mycket. På lördagen var det kvavt i Lund fram till tidiga eftermiddagen så jag stannade i stan och lade mig naken med en bok i solen på ett lite hemligt ställe där det nästan… Read more →

Consumer rights against on-line mega companies

I have long thought about the unbalance that exists between us, the consumers and providers of mobile and on-line services such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. Some argue that we are not consumers since we do not pay for the service but they’re wrong since we do pay with our participation, with our data, our facts,… Read more →

Intervju i tidningen City Malmö

Tidningen City Malmö hade 2012-04-12 en intervju med mig som konstmodell (PDF) för en serie om annorlunda yrken. Intervju och reportage i tidningen City Malmö 2012-04-12.För att se artikeln i helhet öppna PDFen och bläddra till sidan 6. Artikeln innehöll även ett reportage från premiären för krokiträffarna ”Levande kroki” i Lund 4 april. Gilla gärna Levande kroki på Facebook så missar du inte info om kommande träffar.… Read more →

Open letter to Facebook

Dear Facebook. I continously get suggestions from you regarding whom I may want to add as friends including total strangers that I have no clue to on which reasons you based your suggestions. I am totally restrictive and only send requests to people I have sometihg in common with – people that I have met, that share a strong set… Read more →