Outdoor photo shoot in freezing conditions [updated with photo]

On Friday afternoon the postponed outdoor photo shoot with Rebecca Gustafsson took place in a very nice piece of nature near Lund. Rebecca is currently studying photography in Denmark and contacted me a few weeks ago presenting her project and need for models. I hooked her up with a few other models and it is nice to be able to help out.

Undressing totally in windy -2 degrees conditions was not all that bad since the shoot was well planned and effetive in execution, thus not lengthy. I’m glad that there was a patch on the ground that was not covered in snow!

I was well prepared to warm my body up again but to my surprise it was not needed. The feet should have been colder that they were and it was my fingers that were worst.

Find more about Rebecca’s book project on her blog. She’s also on Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr.

Update 2014-02-02

I promised to update this post when a picture was available and now it is.

Rebecca has posted all the photos for her book project on her blog and the one where I participated is shown below. The theme was about the inner light, symbolized by the flare, in a landscape photography setting.

(C) Rebecca Gustafsson 

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